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Speak True.

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Hello there!!

Name: Anu
Sex: Female
Age: mid-twenties
Location: Savonlinna, Finland
Interest: CELINE, MUSIC, art, traveling, internet, movies, tv
Love: Waiting for it..
Work: Graphic Designer

Pirjo (50, mom, coolest mom ever)
Jyrki (42, stepfather, loves heavy/metal music)
Heikki (56, dad, loves to play saxophone/trumpet/clarinet)
Annikki (57, stepmother, loves to watch "The Days of Our Lives")
Henna-Liisa aka Henski (19, sister, a huge Nightwish/Tarja Turunen fan)
Katju aka Kattu (18, sister, IRC-Gallery )
Elina aka Ellu (28, sister, tiny teacher..lol)
Riku (30, Elina's husband, bold and funny)
Veeti (5, Elina's son, my god son, boys)
Tiitus (2½, Elina's son, cute little guy, see above)
Tahvo aka Taffo (7, our dog, dorkiest dog ever)
Uuno (1, doggie..the cutest and most annoying dog ever)
Friends: do I have any??
LiveJournal: My entries are usually in English but every now and then I feel like writing in Finnish. I write about everything, and nothing. Usually I just complain my boring life or write down my depressing thoughts. I'm a music lover so probably you are going to see something related to music. I'm a huge Celine fan so don't get scared of my Woootays or drools for Celine"!! LMAO!!

My journal is Friends Only buut feel free to comment..I'd love to meet new friends.

See ya!

Credits for the awesome layout goes to girlboheme!!!